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Feelings of an angel - My dreams

I would like to tell you something about my dreams...

In my dreams, there are fairies, they take me by my hand and take me to a place of love and happyness.

And there I'm not alone anymore.

There's a boy by my side, which loves me and cares.

First sign, that it is just a dream.

But in my dreams it is the truth,

we're walking there and he says: forever, just me and you.

That boy, which cares

about my fears,

about what I like and what I need,

and see: He gives me everything!

Everything I need is him.

And he's just there.

Just there... for me!

For no one else.

And he tells: I'll never leave you.

And then I wake up

and he's away.

And then I realise:

Love is just a wonderful dream

and everytime I realise that

I feel like crying

'cause I know, there is no boy, which never leaves me.

It's the pain, that will stay


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